Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Black Truffle Catering’s Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time without notification. 

Order Details 

All information provided to Black Truffle Catering via email or telephone is deemed to be correct and final unless otherwise specified, including the delivery address, delivery time, dates, contact details and items placed.

Any orders placed by the client using the shopping cart are deemed to be correct and final. Any incorrect information that has not been rectified prior to 3:00pm the working day before, may result in 100% of the original invoice being charged to the Client without any changes being facilitated. It is up to the discretion of Black Truffle Catering’s Management if items are to be credited.

Dietary Requirements

All Black Truffle Catering staff and suppliers prepare all food in accordance with the Food Standards set by Food Standards Australia and are HACCP Accredited.

Black Truffle Catering operates with an open kitchen therefore cannot guarantee there won’t be traces of nuts, egg, dairy, gluten and other known allergens; Black Truffle Catering will not accept any responsibility or liability for any adverse reactions to catering. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify Black Truffle Catering of any dietary requirements of those who will be receiving the catering to which they will be adhered to; if the request cannot be met, the Client will be notified.

Confirmation of Orders

Once verbal or written confirmation to proceed with an order has been received, an order confirmation email will be sent to the customer. All order confirmations must be received by 3pm the day before/ Friday for Monday excluding items which require a notice period or for functions; Clients must confirm within 7 days for all function bookings.

The Client must notify Black Truffle Catering immediately if:

  • A confirmation email is not received
  • A confirmation email has been received incorrectly
  • There are discrepancies within the order confirmation

Any discrepancies that Black Truffle Catering has not been notified of prior to the delivery or cut off times may result in the Client being charged (see ‘Order Details’).

All orders and invoices are subject to Black Truffle Catering’s Terms and Conditions.

Weekend Catering

All weekend orders must meet the minimum requirements dependant on the time and location of the delivery. Weekend delivery times will be supplied upon application.  

Delivery of Goods

It is the Client’s responsibility to make sure that the correct delivery address, delivery instructions and contact details are provided when placing an order, and that someone is there to collect the order on the day unless otherwise specified.

Black Truffle Catering will endeavour to deliver orders as close to the requested delivery time as possible, taking into consideration of any expected traffic conditions. Cold items may be delivered up to 90 minutes and hot items up to 15minutes prior the requested time delivery time.

Black Truffle will not be held responsible for any unforeseeable or major delays such as accidents, construction works, disasters, riots, protests, marches, parades, rallies, strikes, criminal attacks and/or extreme traffic. If goods cannot be delivered due to city shutdowns, orders may be charged at 100% to the client.


All staff bookings have a minimum of 4 hours as per industry standards. Clients will be invoiced for any overtime post event. Weekend and Public Holiday rates apply.

Any fluctuations of consumers on the day of an event will be reported and additional charges may apply; a head count will be taken for all beverage package bookings.

On Site Facilities

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all catering work (including cooking) can be undertaken in the event space. Black Truffle takes no responsibility for smoke detectors not being isolated and/or building management’s acknowledgement of works.

Any cost for smoke detectors or fire systems being activated, including sprinkler systems, will be at the cost of the Client, including but not limited to fire brigade call out fees, clean up fees and/or replacement of food.

Inclement Weather

It is the Client’s responsibility to have a contingency plan for inclement weather. Black Truffle Catering will accommodate for any changes to venue however set up and relocation fees may apply.

100% of the invoice will be required to be paid if the function is cancelled on the day.   

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

Pricing Fluctuations

All prices are correct at time of printing and are quoted on current costs however these costs may vary at any time.

Due to seasonal or supplier shortages Black Truffle Catering reserves the right to alter or adapt menus or services.

The latest prices are published on Black Truffle’s online shopping cart and not on any downloadable menus or content.   


For orders that require onsite service staff or exceed $5,000, a non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to be paid within 1 week of the delivery date when confirmation of the booking is received two or more weeks prior. If confirmation is received 1 week prior to the delivery date, full payment upfront is required within 48 hours of the booking.

For new clients, the total of the invoice is to be paid at least 48 hours prior to the function.

Any cancellations to functions that are received less than 14 days (January to September) or 21 day (October to December), will result in 100% charge for the service staff in addition to the deposit.


Cancellation of a confirmed order must be provided in writing via email. Failure in paying a deposit or failure to notify Black Truffle Catering that a confirmed order is not to proceed will not be considered as a cancellation.

Penalties may apply when orders have been cancelled and there were costs incurred through labour, ordered stock and/or food preparation; incurred costs of up to 100% of the order.

Cancellations must be received by:

  • Up to 19 people; 2 business day prior to delivery date
  • 20 to 49 people; 4 business days prior to delivery date
  • 50 to 99 people; 5 business days prior to delivery date
  • 100 or more; 7 business days prior to delivery date

Any cancellations to functions that are received less than 14 days (January to September) or 21 day (October to December), will result in 100% charge for the service staff in addition to the deposit; the total amount charged will be at the catering manager’s discretion.

Terms of Trade

All invoices are Net 7 days from invoiced date unless other arrangements have been agreed upon with Black Truffle Catering management.

New customers must pay their first order upfront by credit card for security purposes; these details will be kept on file for any future cases where payment terms have not been met. If the customer cannot provide credit card details, an Account Information Form must be completed.


The following payment options are accepted:

  • Company Cheque
  • Corporate or private credit cards; VISA (2% surcharge), MasterCard (2% surcharge), AMEX (2% surcharge)
  • EFT (conditions apply)

Account processes are arranged at the Catering Managers discretion; the preferred method of payment being by Credit Card.

Lost or Broken Equipment

All customers will be held accountable for all hired equipment including non-disposable platters; replacement costs for any lost or broken equipment will be invoiced.


Black Truffle Catering may take up to 60 days to process redeemed reward points and may issue gift cards in $200 instalments for redemptions exceeding $300.

Rewards cannot be transferred to another employee or account.

Rewards are subject to customer’s “Gift Accepting Policies” and will need approval from company’s Director(s) or HR department. Rewards may be removed entirely if in any conflict with customer’s company polices.

Black Truffle Catering may withhold issuing rewards if an account is in arrears.

Black Truffle has the right to suspend or stop the rewards program at any time without notification.

During COVID 19

Food and safety is always paramount at Black Truffle Catering. With stricter food safety rules now in place with the emergence of Covid19, Black Truffle Catering adhere to the guidelines provided by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand and regulatory government authorities.

  • On-going safety and training of employees
  • All staff wear protective gear (facemasks and gloves)
  • Practice safe hygiene with washing / sanitizing of hands
  • With dedicated food delivery vehicles Black Truffle Catering provides a contactless delivery service



During this period of COVID19 our corporate/office catering service has been altered for virtual meetings . Tailored individual menus are ideal for your next board meetings, breakfast, lunch, and or dinner get togethers of your management team and staff.

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